Who we are

Our passion is people, and our passion is our purpose. 

We help talents, organisations and teams find theirs.


We want to make a difference - with all sincerity - for both talents and organizations.The way talents are perceived, and attracted to an organization; even beyond employment - how talents are nurtured and developed. 

The purpose of Talentify is to help organizations harness their human capital, as a core competitive advantage. With a passion for people and the focus to drive change and growth, we want to help companies strengthen their employer brand and their employees' long term success, together.

In our connection with talents, we see potential, discover opportunities and become a sounding board in their careers to help find the right challenge for them as well as the right workplace according to their purpose and values.

We connect talents with opportunites, and companies with the right talents. 

About us

The foundation of Talent(h)ify emerged with the vision of changing the way you view recruitment and the concept of recruiting value-based. where both the company's and the talent's values are the focus in the match.

We stand between the talent and the organization ecause both parties need a sounding board in the process of changing their future. By acting as a broker between both parties – we ensure satisfaction and that the right match is being made.

We cooperate with carefully selected partners that works towards being a great employer and believe in sustainable leaders and employees and do their best to achieve so. We go the extra mile for our talents to find the right match.

Hanna Grahn 

Hanna, CEO & founder of Talent(h)ify has broad experience from headhunting, leadership & HR. She has coached thousands of talents on finding their purpose and connected them to their right opportunity and helped several prominent companies to find the right personality, but also improved their HR & employer brand.

Her strength is to help talents find their inner drive and the next step in life, but also to match the right organization with the right talent.

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