HR Hub

HR Hub

Let us help you care for your most valuable asset - your employees.

What is our HR Hub?

The future of HR is about working proactively to create a value-based organization with your employees in focus to remain an attractive employer.

Not all organizations have an HR department, but all organizations, regardless of being a start-up or well-established organization, need HR at times.

By being part of our HR Hub, you have an HR on demand to give you advice or initiatives when needed. By strengthening your business with HR support, you can focus on what you do best at – your core business.

Let us be your agile HR advice

  • Structuring &/or Development of processes and policies

  • Competence mapping

  • In-house HR

  • On-boarding/Off-boarding

  • Work environment handbook and SAM (systematic work environment management)

  • HR support

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